Wednesday, October 7, 2009

v0.4.6 released

This release is an enhancement release along with numerous build, A/V synch, concurrency, and other bug fixes.

configure:  new option --avformat-svn-version

  • avformat: much improved seeking on H.264/MPEG2-TS (AVCHD) (Ivan Schreter)
  • core: new imageconvert and audioconvert filters (framework refactorization)
  • linsys: new SDI consumer (Broadcast Centre Europe)
  • qimage: new kdenlivetitle producer (J.B. Mardelle and Marco Gittler)
  • sdl: new audio_only consumer for OS X
mlt++ and swig: update bindings

  • refactored image format conversion
  • mlt_frame.h:
    • added convert_image() virtual function
    • added mlt_image_format_name()
    • removed many mlt_convert_ and scaling/padding functions
  • refactored audio format conversion
  • mlt_frame.h:
    • mlt_get_audio() virtual function parameters changed
    • added convert_audio() virtual function
    • mlt_frame_get_audio() parameters changed
    • added mlt_frame_set_audio()
    • added mlt_audio_format_name()
  • mlt_types.h:
    • deprecated mlt_audio_pcm
    • added mlt_audio_s16
    • added mlt_audio_s32
    • added mlt_audio_float