Tuesday, February 16, 2010

version 0.5.0 released

This is an enhancement release, confined mainly to the modules rather than the framework. In particular, this adds support for VDPAU, YADIF, and HD-SDI technologies!

configure: added --disable-sse2

  • mlt_cache: added mlt_cache_set_size()
  • mlt_filter: added data property "service" - set when attached
  • mlt_frame:
    • added Doxygen docs
    • added "previous frame" and "next frame" data properties - available when its producer has _need_previous_next=1
  • mlt_playlist: added support for negative out point same as length-1
  • mlt_service:
    • added mlt_service_cache_purge()
    • added "_need_previous_next" handling in mlt_service_get_frame()
    • added firing event "service-changed" in mlt_service_attach()
  • avformat producer:
    • added decoding H.264 with NVIDIA VDPAU
      Requires FFmpeg built with vdpau. This is automatically detected and enabled. You can disable this by setting environment variable MLT_NO_VDPAU=1 or property novdpau=1.
    • added caching of FFmpeg contexts and decoded images
      This allows large numbers of clips in a project avoiding limitations with number of threads and file descriptors permitted per process. You can disable image caching with property noimagecache=1.
    • added variant of producer named avformat-novalidate
    • restored support for video4linux(2)
  • avformat consumer: added apre, fpre, and vpre preset properties
  • crop filter: added center_bias integer property
  • deinterlace filter: added the excellent YADIF as a method
  • kdenlivetitle producer: added text outlining
  • linsys/sdi consumer:
    • added support for HD-SDI
    • changed name from "linsys_sdi" to just "sdi"
  • oldfilm filter: added "uneven development" effect
  • xml producer: add support for unspecified out points
  • added several missing ATSC (HD) profiles
  • change descriptions from using Hz to fps