Tuesday, November 9, 2010

swfdec plugin added

I just added a swfdec plugin to decode Flash SWF movies. It supports transparent backgrounds so you can composite it over video. Good animation tools are hard to come by, and a lot of people know and like Adobe Flash Builder. If you, a friend, or colleague likes to use Flash Builder or After Effects to design motion graphics, now you can easily use their animations. Also, the Qt-based animation tool Pencil can export to SWF, which you may find more manageable than an image sequence.

Blackmagic Design DeckLink output

I just added a consumer (output plugin) for DeckLink SDI and HDMI cards. Some of their cards have analog connections as well, and I think it works with those too. The way this is integrated, it can be enabled and built by default by your distribution (version after 0.5.10) such that if you get a card, you can just install the driver and library, and  it will be ready to work with MLT. This means you can get an open source SDI playout solution for Linux for less than $300!