Monday, March 28, 2011

version 0.7.0 released

This is a major new release due to signficant additions to API, framework, and build.


  • Added support for Windows via MinGW.
  • Enabled linsys module by default.
  • Disabled VDPAU by default and added --avformat-vdpau to enable it.
  • Added support for swfdec 0.7.


  • Added parallelism to mlt_consumer when 'real_time' > 1 or < -1.
  • Added mlt_deque_insert() and mlt_deque_peek().
  • Added mlt_profile parameter to mlt_producer_new().
  • Let transitions with no out point run forever.
  • Added mlt_frame_unique_properties().
  • Added mlt_frame_set_image() and mlt_frame_set_alpha().
  • Added mlt_image_format_size() and mlt_audio_format_size().
  • Added mlt_filter_get_length() and mlt_transition_get_length().
  • Added mlt_filter_get_progress(), mlt_transition_get_progress(), and mlt_transition_get_progress_delta().
  • Added mlt_filter_get_position() and mlt_transition_get_position().
  • Added mlt_properties_lock() and mlt_properties_unlock().


  • Added rotoscoping filter.
  • Improve libavdevice support (V4L2, ALSA, libdc1394).
  • Added support for new FFmpeg metadata API.
  • Various fixes, refactoring, and improvements.

Friday, March 25, 2011

build scripts

I have published some scripts that can build and rebuild MLT, Melted, and Kdenlive and many of its multimedia dependencies (x264, libvpx, FFmpeg, frei0r). The script pulls the latest of each from their source code repositories on each build and rebuild. Each build is output to a dated folder without requiring any "system" installation, and the folder can be simply copied to other compatible machines and run again without any packaging or system installation.