Monday, March 28, 2011

version 0.7.0 released

This is a major new release due to signficant additions to API, framework, and build.


  • Added support for Windows via MinGW.
  • Enabled linsys module by default.
  • Disabled VDPAU by default and added --avformat-vdpau to enable it.
  • Added support for swfdec 0.7.


  • Added parallelism to mlt_consumer when 'real_time' > 1 or < -1.
  • Added mlt_deque_insert() and mlt_deque_peek().
  • Added mlt_profile parameter to mlt_producer_new().
  • Let transitions with no out point run forever.
  • Added mlt_frame_unique_properties().
  • Added mlt_frame_set_image() and mlt_frame_set_alpha().
  • Added mlt_image_format_size() and mlt_audio_format_size().
  • Added mlt_filter_get_length() and mlt_transition_get_length().
  • Added mlt_filter_get_progress(), mlt_transition_get_progress(), and mlt_transition_get_progress_delta().
  • Added mlt_filter_get_position() and mlt_transition_get_position().
  • Added mlt_properties_lock() and mlt_properties_unlock().


  • Added rotoscoping filter.
  • Improve libavdevice support (V4L2, ALSA, libdc1394).
  • Added support for new FFmpeg metadata API.
  • Various fixes, refactoring, and improvements.