Monday, May 30, 2011

plugin documentation online

I made a simple ruby script using the MLT API binding that enumerates all services of all plugins, fetches their metadata/documentation, and generates a wiki page. The results appear under the Services section of the Documentation page of the web site.

Of course, do not forget that all of this is also available at the command line using melt -query.

Monday, May 16, 2011

audio improvements

Since the last release there have been four big enhancements in the area of audio:

  • Reading files with more than 2 channels of greater than 16-bit audio - including floating point.
  • Exposing each SoX effect as a separate audio filter making it possible to enumerate them and get metadata for them.
  • Exposing each LADSPA plugin as a separate audio filter with metadata so you no longer need to use JACK Rack XML.
  • Supporting JACK transport synchronization (melt -jack).

Monday, May 2, 2011

version 0.7.2 released

This is a minor release to fix a few things between the 0.7.0 release and the release of Kdenlive 0.8. I recommend Kdenlive v0.8 users to upgrade to this version of Mlt. Beyond that there are some exciting additions to the Blackmagic Design DeckLink plugin!

  • Added mlt_profile_list().
  • Added decklink producer (i.e. capture, live encoding).
  • Added keyer output for decklink consumer.
  • Added AVOptions to the avformat service metadata.
  • Added support for new major API versions (53) of FFmpeg.
  • Added '-query profile' option.
  • Added '-query formats', '-query audio_codecs' and '-query video_codecs'.