Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New video stabilization and EBU R128 loudness filters

There are a few new filters in MLT git. The "videostab" filter is a new version based vid.stab replacing the old videostab2 filter. Because it uses an externally compiled version of vid.stab, you can use the latest and greatest version of vid.stab, which is not only faster but gives better quality results. In addition, while vidstab is a dual pass filter - first pass generates a .stab file, second pass reads it - there is a new single-pass "deshake" video filter that uses vid.stab's single-pass mode. It will not give as good results as dual pass, but it is handy for realtime/live applications. Thanks go to Jakub Ksiezniak, a new MLT contributor, and Brian Matherly for helping to get it into shape for merging.
Also, Brian contributed a new audio filter named "loudness" that uses libebur128 to provide better audio normalization because EBU R128 is based on perceived loudness and newer research than traditional RMS- and peak-based approaches.